Biking Adventures & Rafting My Hill Tribes River

7 hour
8:00 AM / 9:00 AM
Sites to visit:
  • Driving up to the top of the Heavens pass,it takes 2 hours to reach the peak of  the  national park named Old Lady Mountain where we take 24-speed mountain bike cycling down hill.A very exciting trip for those who like speed and adventure. Everyone can do this trip. It is downhill all the way for nearly 35 km .
  • The average speed is 40km/h. The road surface is excellent ! A new Highway with light traffic. Our guides are safety Trained and carry a full paramedic first aid kit. Our bikes are fully maintained after every trip.
  • Near the end of Heaven pass, we enter the Ethnic minority villages. Biking thru the Raglai-Hill Tribe villages gives you an opportunity to meet one of Vietnam’s friendliest minority peoples up close.
  • This unique route allows you to be exposed to Ethnic villages located in the picturesque mountains . Whilst the government has relocated these once proud Hill dwellers to ramshackle block houses, you still get a feel for their everyday existence.
  • 12:00 am: After 2 hours biking we finish biking adventures .Lunch serves along river side, re-gain  your energy for rafting adventures in the afternoon.
  • 1:30pm: After lunch now it time  for rafting adventures along my Hill tribe villages to explore the river of both her beauty and mighty .

*Rafting activities:

  • Locating alongside river our people in Hill Tribe villages the Matriarchal Society still pervades. Their depressed situation is evident and  how they survive off the cultivation of the land. The maintaining of the old traditional life forces them to face many difficulties. Here charity work is much appreciated.
  •  They rely on the  river for keeping day-to-day survival  but they smile and live positively .The river supplies water, food, play ground during our childhood,water way to move cargo and  passenger. I do not remember, may be from time immemorial when we began to use the river to move our rafts of woods and timbers. Illegally during nighttime we tried to blind Policemen  floating  rafts  down the river exchanging for food.
  •  To explore the beauty of the  River with the help of The tour guides  who are all experienced and considerate undergone long-term training about safety requirements give you unforgettable moments. The biggest rapids are Class 3 safe for beginners. We have taken children as young as 10 years old over the rapids as well as senior citizens.
  • 3:30 pm: Rafting adventures over after 2 hours. Driving back to hotel by car.

*Our facility:

– Our bikes are 24-speed mountain bike, fully maintained  after every trip

– Our raft are Sea eagle (USA) & Zebec (Korea) 2-4 Men Inflatable Kayaks.

English-speaking tour guide, meal, light refreshment and all fees and candy for kids,A/C modern van/bus  for Transport & sweet for kids
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