• NHATRANG ADVENTURES specializes in offering adventure activities to discover the far removed regions of Nhatrang countryside and Hill tribe Villages as well as visit the city highlights. Most of our tours are totally different itineraries.

• Particularly, the most itineraries where we go where there’s no tourist. Travel with us we travel wild.

*** Going through tough life as a Hill Tribesmen having no advantages but we have wide knowledge of our villages. We admire and treasure its beautiful scenery & culture and people. All tours have been  thoroughly inspected and conducted by extremely informative and experienced local  tour guides, with more substances and friendliness than any other tour.


1. About Nhatrang Adventures & Jeep History !

• These ex-US military Jeeps were used during the Vietnam war (1965-1975), for tactical & command missions, by both the US and the South Vietnamese Armies.

• Deeply Impact on Mr. Thao Tran a Veteran & the Owner of NHATRANG ADVENTURES. JEEP totally came through his Father & Family history in the US-Vietnam War (1960s 1970s). Then during the 1980s, He was mobilized (as a Soldier) into Vietnam-Cambodia War again RED-KHMER-ROUGE where the Former US Military Vehicles & Jeeps were used mainly on this very terrible Land which helped him & his Comrades to survive & win many Battlefields

• Jeeps ended their missions after the war proudly but were forgotten which makes him tormented.

• Experienced Jeep’s strength & character during the wartime & thru his family history, passionately & as his honor, he restored & tried to bring them back to the road for Nha Trang adventures activities

• Nhatrang Adventures own a Jeep Fleet that is well-complicated restored and satisfy all Vietnamese Standards and offer the private & unique Jeep tours in Nha Trang city.

2. Biking adventures: It is a good idea to discover my Hill tribe villages and conquer the heaven pass on the peak of the national park named the old Lady Mountain. Fast enough to ride down hill but slow to have close interaction with local Hill tribe people. Sharing our sweets and receive smile among kids is unforgettable moments.

• Leaving the villages behind but kids smile still cling on, asking oneself why do people fell happy in such a miserable life but we do not.
• Our Bikes are 24 speeds ones, all new and mountain Bike model.

3. Rafting adventures : Locating alongside river people in my Hill Tribe villages rely on the river to keep day-to-day survival. The river supplies water, food, playing ground during our childhood, water way to move cargo and passenger. For long aged I do not remember when we began to use the river to move our rafts of woods and timbers. Illegally during nighttime we tried to blind Policemen floating rafts down the river exchanging for food

• Going through time of hardships, I would like to offer the Rafting adventure activity traveling along the trail of timber cutter to understand how the hill tribes in the mountainous region struggle for existence and get in touch with locals and kids who live under poverty line but happy in their smile. Where kids with makershift mud slide into the river, mum and the little girls doing the daily washing in the clear mountain stream, children having fun jumping from the bridge into the creek and to challenge yourself conquering some rapids is special experience.

• Our Inflatable rafts are all latest design model.

Distinguish feature:

*  All our adventure tours are private and more additional itinerary.

*  Different Itinerary from other travels.

*  Flexible stop and go for your viewing and picture taking pleasure.

*  Get focus from surroundings anywhere you’ve been.

*  Full 360 degree views in our family of Jeeps, maximum of 3 guests per Jeep.

Hand us a chance get more experiences!