Jeep Adventure My Hill Tribe Villages & Waterful

7-8 Hours
Anytime from 08:00/ 9:00 am
Sites to visit:

We drive along the countryside itinerary to see it‘s scenery, the daily activities of the locals ,handicraft villages and old aged architectures.

THE WAR REMNANTS-American Battlefields

(Ready Forgotten & Unknown by the Youth now)

Kept secretly by the River Junction in the Isolated territory named “Python Field”, where the Wars History released by Your Tour Guides who ever live here for their entire life & whose Families undergoing through terrible History & the draconic policies towards them…

The FRIENCH & later-on AMERICAN Troops fighting Bunkers, a blown-off Bridge & an Enemy’s weapon workshop Site camouflaged in the used-to-be-100-year-old French Rubber plantation where numerous bloody combats happened.

This unique tour allows you to be exposed the Hill Tribe villages  where growns me up located in the picturesque mountains around an hours cruise from Nha Trang. Whilst the government has relocated these once proud Hill dwellers to ramshackle block houses, you still get a feel for their everyday existence.

The adventure with 4×4 USA Jeeps  on the road less traveled to the Hill tribe villages raise more fun. Kids with makeshift mud slides into the river , mum and the little girls doing the daily washing in the clear mountain stream, children having fun jumping from the bridge into the creeks. We often stop and hand out candy to the kids, so grab a packet or two, before you jump on board. Onwards through the lush countryside covered with sugar cane plantations and banana groves to the waterfalls.

Suối lách is the best-ever kept intact waterfall in the rainforest. Indulge yourself in the cool water or just chill out & relax in the picturesque Nature until the time to drive to the Riverside restaurant to enjoy traditional Vietnamese Lunch.

Healthy & delicous lunch arranged by river. Inclusion :English-speaking guide, meal, light refreshment and tickets. Ex US military JEEP.


English-speaking guide, meal, light refreshment and tickets. Ex US military JEEP & rubber tubes
Price: 5 - 9 year old Kids 50% only
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