Not to be missed

We echo all the words others have said about this trip and Capt Thao and the owner / manager Liem. We went on a countryside tour with Captain Thao. What a great operation. Dependable, safe and efficient, not at all rushed, and operated with great customer service ethos. It was an exceptional day - and what a great guide he is, with so many interesting personal stories - but also highly informative about the history of the country as well as this local region. At an individual level he is a warm and fascinating man - despite many tough experiences he has maintained his positivity and a great sense of humour. We could not have asked for a better tour guide and driver – we saw beautiful scenery and got a sense of how some of the local population live - and a Jeep really was great way to experience the countryside and to get close to how more rural families live. I really do feel it was the highlight of our experience of Vietnam. Seriously don't miss it - you will get an exceptional experience and worth every cent. Dean B
Dean Blomson

Best part of our trip! The real Vietnam showcases

Wow. That's all I can say at the start. After a great couple of days doing the usual tourist stuff, we were itching to get off the beaten and experience the real Vietnam, from the hustle and bustle of the city at the start, we worked our way out to the beating heart of the country. Captain Thao's passion, knowledge, human and excellent communication skills were exceptional. The villages were awesome, we got to see the proper markets, the difference in living conditions and the real subsistence farmers battling everyday. As we worked our way further and further we stopped numerous times to see sleeping mats being made and conical hats. We learnt about culture, religion and the differing lifestyles of the classes. One of the best parts was Captain Thao talking about his childhood and if we would like to buy some bags of candy for the local children of the ethnic villages, we obliged with twenty bags!! The smiles on their faces were unforgettable as we drove through! It was a but fun gesture and one we won't forget. On we went to Yang Bay for a swim and to see the crocodile farm. Finally we had lunch at Memento which was a great way to finish. Overall a super fun day and the best part of the trip. If you're in town make sure this is on the agenda.
Luke Edward

The best tour in Nha Trang

This was the best tour we have had in 3 visits to Vietnam. We did the Waterfall and Monkey Island tour with our tour guide Captain Thao who was the best guide I have come across. He is a bit of a larrikin, with an easy laugh and companionable chit chat. His local knowledge was fantastic and we learnt a lot from him on this tour. He encouraged me when climbing the mountain to the waterfall and I have to admit that without his patience I probably would not have made it. But I am so glad that I did! The level 3 pool is beyond amazing, floating in a cool clear pool in the middle of the jungle was a once in a life time experience. We had lunch at a local restaurant consisting of mainly fresh seafood and it was delicious. Then over to Monkey Island with the most gorgeous monkeys around. The drive back to Nha Trang along the ocean road was picturesque with a couple of stops along the way for photo opportunities. We had so much fun on this tour, I can't recommend it highly enough.
Lee Bendigo

Special jeep tour in Nha Trang

My Sister and I spent one day touring with Captain Thao and had the most amazing time. He is a passionate man and loves telling the history of the region. My only regret is not spending more time with him. We will be back and we will send more time touring the region with him. The owner/manager was equally as incredible as we had limited time before our flight departure,let us do a Custom Tour and Captain Thao delivered us to the airport.
Bigmommacincy cincinnati

Unforgettble day

This was one of our favorite days in Vietnam! We got to see a lot of the countryside around Nha Trang, but even more important was the fascinating perspective that our fun and energetic tour guide shared with us through the day. It was a true look at life in Vietnam from the inside! Captain Thao was our personal guide on the country tour, and we gained the utmost respect for him after hearing many of his stories and struggles, and he treated us so respectfully and kindly. Our tour was private and we never felt rushed, and every question and request was met with enthusiasm and beautiful hospitality. The tour was eye-opening, the food was delicious, and the company was charming. We were so enchanted with our new friend Captain Thao, that we also requested a street food tour with him later in the evening after the country tour. He was very sensitive to our "foreign stomach" and we had no problems! He truly wanted to give us a beautiful tasting of his beloved country! It was an enchanting day and evening! Ask for him! You will be so glad you did! Also, book directly through their email and website instead of through a hotel. The money goes more directly to the local people instead of big business!
Tara F

Experince Vietnam off road !

We were a group of 4 (2 couples), arriving by cruise ship. Mr Thao picked us up in 2 jeeps straight outside the cruise terminal, bang on time, no waiting about. We were taken out into the country side to see the real Vietnam...we visited people's actual houses and work places. It was absolutely what we wanted to see. The people were so friendly and kind...we saw a family making conical hats, another family making rugs and rice paper and drank home made wine (which was delicious). The tour was really well organised and informative. Mr Thao told us all about the history of Vietnam and the Nha Trang area and was very knowledgeable. Mr Thao himself has an interesting history...ask him to tell you!! He was also a very funny guy and we took to him straight away. I can highly recommend this tour...its not to be missed. If you want to get away from all the tourist spots and get a real sense of Vietnam and the lovely people...then this is for you.
Brooky 64 Wakerfield England

Great choice of tour

We arrived to Nha Trang from a cruise ship. We met our driver, Thao, at the Oceanography museum. He decided we should see the museum since we have kids. I immediately knew they had the best interest of our family in mind. The jeep was so cool! It was restored, it was clean, it was awesome! It's a jeep thing!!! My family found this tour to be so humbling. If you have learned the history of Vietnam you can appreciate this place even more. The kindness of the people in the villages was unlike anywhere I have ever been. The ladies in the markets waved and smiled for photos and the men did the same from the fields. The scenery was peaceful and the jeep ride was relaxing. We visited some local handcrafters of clay pots, rugs, and the famous hats. We also found the drying rice paper so interesting and made a stop at house where they were making it. We learned a lot about the Vietnamese rural lifestyle. When planning our trip I had made a request to see the fishing village. Thao remembered without me even asking and made sure he took us there. While on our tour I asked if we would see the Asian water buffalo. Because of the heavy rains they had experienced before our arrival, they were not in the river as normal but resting in higher ground. Thao asked locals, drove, and even got out on foot to find me some. We trekked through rice fields so I could see them up close. Something so ordinary to them, but so unique and iconic to me. I felt special that so much effort was made so I could experience that. Thao was an excellent tour guide. It was an honor just to be in his presence, I was so glad to have him with us. We had a beautiful lunch and visited beautiful places. After our tour we had time before we had to board our ship. Thao could tell we didn't want to leave Nha Trang too soon, so he took us to a beautiful silk embroidery factory. I have seen this before in China, but not to this skill level. You can see the ladies embroidering upstairs and their creations on are display and for sale in various rooms downstairs. Prices were totally reasonable as well. Their work was stunning. If you want to bring back something special from Vietnam I recommend this. We did bring some candy for any children we saw, their smiles warmed our hearts. I recommend you do the same if you can. Thank you Jeep it Up for a wonderful day filled with memories that will last our family a lifetime. It was a very special experience.
Annettay James Perth Australia

An absolute must,supper cool

We had an amazing time on the tour. So cool to see the "real and genuine nha Trang". We choose the county tour and we could not be happier! We had the pleasure to be guided around with Mr.Thao, such a nice, warm and knowledgeable guy, he truly made the whole tour even better. We stopped at different places and meet people and tried local wine. Very well planned. Supercool to have seen another side of nha Trang, would not have wanted to miss this experience! An absolute must when visiting!!

A fantastic and personalized tour

We arranged a custom tour with nhatrang adventures ! We visited Long Son Pagoda, had a tour of the city, the biggest Buddha in the province and went to family homes to watch them making hats, sleeping mats, rice paper and cooking stoves. We visited a waterfall and swam in the river, a crocodile farm and gave out sweets to the local village children. We had an authentic lunch at Memento Country House. The Jeep was great fun, especially splashing through the rivers. Our tour guide Tran Xuan Thao was excellent. He was very knowledgeable and took us to extra places so we could get close to the culture and history of the country. The tour was a private one just for us so we were able to see everything we wanted to. It was much more personal than a large coach trip and the best way to see the area. We would recommend this trip to anyone who wants a fun adventure while visiting Nha Trang. Thank you very much for such a fantastic trip.
Louisa Bayley,watton norfolk England

Highlight of our trip so far

Nature & Minority Tour We found this tour while scrolling through TripAdvisor for things to do in Nha Trang. Almost giving up, I saw this near the bottom of the list and thought it looked great. It was probably a little out our backpackers budget, but we decided to go for it anyway. Best decision we made! We contacted them last minute, at 7.50pm when we knew they were closing at 8pm. The guy we spoke to was great, he booked us on it for the following day and continued to email us even after they had closed for the day. The tour itself was fantastic. We spent hours driving around in the jeep, racing through rivers, chatting to villagers, handing out sweets to some of the little kids, swimming in a waterfall, tasting local treats, helping the women make sleeping mats and learning how to make conical hats. The lunch we had was great, so much food! We managed to fit so much in to the day and we didn't want it to end. Some tips for the trip - 1. buy sweets before you go so you can hand them out to the kids. They are the sweetest, politest kids we've ever met! 2. Wear your swimming gear under your clothes and don't wear anything to fancy. Some of the roads are mega dusty and you will be pretty dirty for some of it. We loved it! 3. Don't waste your money buying water beforehand , they provided unlimited bottles for the day. My boyfriend said it was one of the best experiences of his life. Tran xuan Thao is a lovely man and we wish him all the best .
APaterson 88 Glassgrow England